Wine tasting in the Euganean Hills under the full moon

Wine tasting in the Euganean Hills under the full moon

Wine tasting in the Euganean Hills.

It’s inevitable (as Brad Pitt says) every time we want to organize something really cool and amusing our mind goes to the Euganean Hills.

Wine tasting in the Euganean HillsImagine gorgeous Hills, surrounded by a mix of: vegetation, vine yards, beautiful villages in a night of full moon and you can start to figure out the place where we organized our wine tasting in the Euganean Hills .
Friday night: spectacular weather, not too hot, not too cold; meeting point in Vicenza. Various people with different expectations: from the Wine tasting in the Euganean Hills lovers, to the walking sympathizers. There is also a group of friends together for the stag Party of a guy named Beppe, who is going to be married in one week.
In half hour we are in Carbonara di Rovolon and we start with the first wine cellar. Everything is very organized, we are outside and we can see the sunset comfortable seated among well furnished long tablesWine tasting in the Euganean Hills. First cellar.
Not one, not two, not three, but four wine tastings combine with the typical Euganean Hills salami and cheese.
At the beginning there is a strange silence, you can hear a nice jazz background music, but after the second glass of wine you can hear the first laughs, really high actually, and people talking, talking, talking.
It’s time to move, it’s time to walk. The moon is a perfect circle and lights up our path. We walk through the vine yards and the normal street. People feel like they are on a school trip. Someone starts complaining because they have drunk too much in the first wine cellar (more then 4 wine glasses). The walking lovers are really happy, there is a runner who want we organize this tour for his friends…run and wine…what a perfect combination!
We admire the hills shapes, the beautiful moon, we can see the villages lights downhill…the atmosphere is idyllic and what? Beppe found an hen party!! How can be possible? We are in the middle of a silent road…okay let’s make a selfie and we carry on walking.
Wine tasting in the Euganean HillsWe arrive in the second wine cellar. In Italy you have to know, it is really typical when you are invited to a party, around midnight, the house owner offers you some pasta: normally spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino (garlic, oil and chilli peppers)…but because we are sophisticated we decided to offer bigoli all’anitra (long pasta with duck)…amazing…and not one , not two, yes you got it…4 glasses of wine!
We are looking forward to organizing some other Wine tasting in the Euganean Hills   like this, because it was really good fun for everyone even for us…we love this job!

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