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What to do in Vicenza on Sunday morning

What to do in Vicenza on Sunday morning? Switch off your mobile phone!! Let me tell you a story..

It’s Sunday morning, I want to sleep, I had a really heavy Saturday (we went to a wine tasting in the Euganean hills, I had many glasses of Moscato… but it is another story)…I dreamt about sleeping this Sunday morning the all week…ring,ring,ring…I don’t go to answer, I was dreaming about (but it is another story), the phone continues to ring… Rubbing my eyes I answer…I have a look to the alarm o’clock …It is just 8 a.m…Who can dare to call me at this hour on Sunday morning?
It’s Francesca…with the voice of a zombie I say: Pronto, What do you want?
Francesca: Were you sleeping?
Me: No I was at the gym.
Francesca: I don’t believe you.
Me: Of course you don’t, last time I went to the gym it was just before my wedding, and it was a disaster…
what to do in Vicenza on Sunday morningBriefly…she asked me to go to Camisano’s Market (22 km from Vicenza)…but because she knew I was furious she promised me she would have offer me the breakfast…but not in a common bakery…in the bakery…Ferracina.
Ferracina, is an institution, you can’t go to Camisano Vicentino for the Sunday market without going to Ferracina. The croissants are awesome. I am a chocoholic, but in Ferracina I always buy a custard croissant…it is so yummy…It is the kind of croissant that when you eat it you already think to have a second one.
And the cappuccino? Oh it is superb. Despite in Italy we are famous for coffee and Capuccino, in my point of view, it is really difficult to find a bar where drinking a good Cappuccino…in Ferracina you can have it…and this Sunday I deserve it.
After breakfast, I am another person…in love with life, with the world and even with Francesca, also if she woke me up so early on Sunday morning.
Camisano market it’s perhaps the most famous market around Vicenza. It is more famous of the two Vicenza’s market that take place every Tuesday and Thursday in Piazza dei Signori.
Here in Camisano, Fruit and vegetables stalls are a pleasure for your eyes, the chicken you buy here, seems to be a chicken that just my grandmother was able to cook, and there are some really valuable clothes stands, you have just to know where to go.
We finish our market tour and I won 2 dresses to 1 against Francesca.
It is the last Sunday of the month, and in Piazzola sul Brenta, a town in the province of Padua, but only 10 minutes from Camisano there is antiques mpiazzola sul brentaarket. I don’t understand anything about all this old staff, but I have to say it is really nice to get around here. There are more than 100 stands, and is one of the most famous antiques market of Veneto.
The square where is located it’s worth a visit. It is in front of Villa Contarini. This is a well preserved grand palazzo and the gardens are huge and magnificent.
Few days ago there was here Lenny Kravitz in concert.. Every summer there is The Hydrogen Festival and despite Piazzola sul Brenta is a really small town, come here every year really famous bands and singers.
This time won Francesca, she bought really old fashion sunglasses…and me 0 items.
It is time to go back …Piazzola sul Brenta is 30 minutes away from Vicenza.
It’s 1 p.m I have lunch with my husband and guess? I go back to sleep

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