What to do in Venice on a gray day: lands of water

What to do in Venice on a gray day?

If you were born in Veneto you would know it, there are some days that you can’t describe in a different way, they are just grey days, no matter what.
Looking at the sky from the window, you wouldn’t be able to say what’s the season, not even what’s the time. Most probably it would be the heating system switch on in winter to tell you, or those damn mosquitos in summer.

Anyway, the sky is grey, the light is grey and somehow even the landscape around you becomes grey. For a while you might believe that people are grey too, but don’t be too imaginative.
It’s hard not to feel gloomy, when around you the humidity is so high that you have the feeling of walking through teardrops, but get over it. It’s the perfect atmosphere for a trip to the lagoon, in the surrounding of Venice. You will see the sea and the sky melting together and have the chance to try some delicious nibbles – cicchetti – or have a fish blowout.


What to do in Venice on a gray day?

Giare and its “oasi le terre d’acqua” is really hard to find – you might need the help of the navigation system or of an old local.I had to use both, cause I gave to the GPS the wrong coordinates.
Luckily, I saw this man picking up some herbs in the middle of a roundabout (the famous healing herbs grown in the middle of the highway!). When I asked for directions to the oasi he replied with a new question “Is the place you are looking for the one with horses?” – xea quea coi cavai? in the local language. “Yes, indeed” seemed to me the most appropriate answer, even tough I wasn’t sure about the presence of horses. Few kilometres later I found myself in Giare, a natural reserve without any sign of being a national park.

It’s beautiful! There are rows of small boathouses, perfectly ordered, floating above the lagoon, flocks of herons, ducks and silence. In the horizon you can spot Marghera, but from here it will look nicer, distinctive. You will be seduced by greyness and its homogenising properties, charmed by its laziness. It’s a place where time stops and you can get back to your thoughts or just get lost.
In a grey open maze with horizons instead of walls.


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