Welcome home…Stunning Veneto

On summer people go on Holiday but for me this is time to work.
I am a tour leader so when people decide to rest I start working.
It is the best job for travelling around the world, to know new and different people and I love it.
I lead them around, I am the person in charge of the tour, the one to call in the middle of the night when your shower doesn’t work ( yes it happened).
Sometimes it is really hard but at the end of each tour you know they are not all just clients but friends you want to see again.
It is not easy to be far away from your family and you don’t have time to stay on the phone.

But when you are on the way back and you see the sign Veneto you feel already at home… You see places, streets, houses you are used to see every week, every day…You know you will see your lovely husband again and your mum will welcome you with a big smile on her beautiful face.
I always say that Veneto is a land marked by sweet hills and bountiful vineyards.
A landscape of exceptional beauty..

venetoIt is amazing how in no time starting from the sea, crossing the fertile Po valley you climb the mountains. It seems that if you snap your fingers you see a completely different scenario while remaining in Veneto.
The only thing that never changes is the custom to speak in dialect.
I’ll tell you one thing: every Venetian thinks his dialect is easily understandable by everyone … if you know a little bit of Italian, stop listening to my fellow countrymen and let’s see if you can understand a world of what they say.
When I am abroad I miss the green of the Hills. This year bushes and trees are particularly green. I still don’t know if my favourite are the Euganean or the Berici, that are the closest one to my housVeneto - Vicenzae…but than there are also the Valpolicella or the Valdobbiadene hills, home places of the famous wines Amarone and Valpolicella the first and Prosecco the second one.
In most of the cities there’s not traffic jam and from Vicenza, the city where I live, you can reach in one hour almost every beautiful city of Veneto…like Verona , a town where I studied and my second home.
I love Vicenza: is calm, stunThe Lessini Mountainning and cosy. I love Piazza dei Signori with the Basilica and you feel like to be in the XV century when it was built by Andrea Palladio.
I love Lessini Mountains that reminds me the Scottish mountains or the Asiago Plateau full of History and World War I tracks.
When I go to the River Po, I realize its delta is similar to the Franch Camargue…you find pink flamingos, do bird watching, sail the longest River of Italy, ride bicycles, rest at the beach, eat wonderful food and be in touch with nice people…
I love you can breathe history wherever you go ( the picture at the top of this page was taken an afternoon when I went to visit my relatives in Este).
Yes I am really glad to be back home!

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