Vicenza like a compass


bacaro tour

Yesterday I was thinking about Vicenza like a compass.
Right on Vicenza is planted the compass tip and from there we can draw many circles, but not just geometric shapes…we can represent the most beautiful and imaginative paintings.
Our city is just in the center of everything…Think about my last weekend: I visited Venice, Euganean hills, Castelfranco and Padua.

On Friday night we decided to go to Venice, by car, to meet some Venetian friends, who are moving to Australia….On Friday night the highway is really packed so it took almost 1 hour and half to get to the first Bacaro. Bacaro in Venice is a sort of wine bar, there you can see locals drinking really good wine and eating awesome finger food.
It had been so long since the last time in Venice… and every time is a big and new emotion.
I don’t want to tell you more about our night only that the alcoholic competition between people from Vicenza and Venice it has been really strong…I was like the referee (because I was the driver) of the match and I can say that the final score of drunk glasses is equality.


The Euganean hills

On Saturday, my husband and I, were invited to a bike tour called: magna e pedala (eat and ride) in the Euganean hills. Here there is the Euganean Hills Ring, it is a bicycle track which winds its way around the Euganean Hills Regional Park, for an overall length of 64 km.
We have just rode for 20 kilometres and it was incredible…if you like cycling it is your place…it wasn’t mine because also if I ride, for diet reasons the stationary bicycle twice a week, it is not the same of using a true bike…So finally I have eaten more then riding.

But our weekend is not ended here…we went to Castelfranco Veneto (is a wonderful m


Sunset in Vicenza

edieval city near Padua, 40 minutes from Vicenza) to an housewarming and finally to the centre of Padua (30 minutes from Vicenza) to a friend’s birthday…

Maybe you think it was really stressful to go in all this places but we can say it wasn’t because as I said before…Vicenza is a compass…it is just up to you how you want your painting.

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