7 Things to Do When it’s Too Hot to visit Vicenza

Things to Do When it’s Too Hot.

In this days it is to hot to visit the main and beautiful cities of Veneto.
But no worries there are many places to go, where you can  relax, sunbathing and enjoy the beauty of the nature.
We want to give you some tips, not so common, so we are not going to talk about the well known sea places such as Jesolo, Sottomarina, etc or the Garda Lake!
So stay fresh, buy a big bottle of water and enjoy the best things to do when is to hot to Visit Vicenza.

1) Pria, Arsiero (Vicenza).
Things to Do When it’s Too Hot Just 15 minutes from the exit of Piovene Rocchette Highway.
It is an hidden beach at the foot of the Mountain. This is the typical place where local people go to rest after a working week, to have a fresh bath or simply meeting their friends.
From here you will see people jumping from the bridge into the water (but do not do it), you will enjoy sunbathing or having a walk on the top of the rocks…the water is as blue as cold…so it is up to you to prove your braveness inside the river!

The best way to finish your day, after fresh baths is to have a cold bear in the brewery Birreria Summano in Piovene Rocchette or going to eat the famous gnocchi of Posina.

2) Oliero Caves
oliero4Really closed to Bassano del Grappa
Oliero Caves, probably the most visited and largest Alpine cave system .
These impressive caves were originated thousands of years ago by the force of water, which has carved these deep rocky gorges.
There are four caves open to the public, immersed in the greenery of a natural park.

3) Valstagna is the closest village to Oliero Caves.
valstagna3Here there is the Brenta River. The town itself is really pretty and there are many companies that from here run water sports, such as Rafting, kayaking, canyoning.

Planty of mountains nearby Vicenza..

4) The closest one is Monte Corno, with 6-7 alpine huts, you can walk for a circuit long 11 km. From Malga Serona, have a nice walk and visit Alpine huts where they produce cheese and the best meat you can find around Vicenza.
When you finish your walk don’t forget to visit the close village of Lusiana, stroll through the streets of the old town, discover the most suggestive views, smell flavours , taste good food, meet people, talk with them, they are really talkactive..Seeing is believing…

5) asiagoplateauAt just one hour from Vicenza the Asiago Plateau, the territory, with its natural beauty , also has places of great historical interest relating to the great war, such as the War Memorial, the war cemeteries, trenches and bunkers can be visited along paths on which you can explore on foot, or by mountain bike.

6) Visit Park of Lessinia
Lessinia, the mountainous area north of Verona, is a zone known  for its large quantity of fossils. A must to see are: the fossilised fish at Bolca, the basalt columns of San Giovanni Ilarione, the valley of the sphinxes and the caves of Rovere Mille, the forestos of Giazza, and the ancient beech trees of  Erbezzo and Bosco Chiesanuova, more than a hundred years old.

7) Waterfalls in Molina Park
molinaThe last of the 7 Things to Do When it’s Too Hot it is to go to The Molina Waterfall Park . Located south-east of Molina, in Vaccarole. Here you will visit waterfalls and not only.
The Park also offers a landscape of woods, torrents and rivers. You can choose between Several paths, from the very easy one to the hardest one or better the longest one.
Plenty of entertainment for kids, from the huge seesaw at the foot of the waterfall, to the pulley from one tree to another.

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