spriz recipe

Spritz recipe

If you have already been in Veneto, at least one time, you know that you can’t miss to drink our typical drink: spritz.
Here the Spritz recipe.
It can be Liscio, plain version, old style , where you mix white wine or prosecco with water or seltz, otherwise you can have it adding Campari, Aperol or select (young version).

Have a look to the Video where Cifi explains the Spritz recipe

Where does the spritz come from?

Everyone knows that the Spritz is a native of the Northeast of Italy(Padua, Venice, Treviso and Trieste where it is a real institution), but few know the story concerning how it was born.

According to the most reliable versions, this cocktail dates back to the period of the Habsburg occupation: it seems that, to meet the needs of the Austrian soldiers, in trouble for excessive variety of white wines and the high alcohol content compared to their habits, Venetian hosts devised a beverage made simply from white wine mixed with sparkling water.

Over time the bartender started to “experience”, gradually introducing a series of variations on the Spritz recipe: the base is the white wine, possibly “with bubbles”, type Asti Spumante or, better yet, Prosecco, but this may be added bitters, vermouth white or red, or an aromatic liqueur.


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