Rock-climbing in Vicenza (Gogna) through inexperienced eyes

Rock-climbing in Vicenza is every day more popular and so I wanted to get closer to this world…What a better thing if some friend introduce you? So I want to tell you what I think after my first experience.

Text from Chiara (my super friend) Do you wanna come to rock climbing in Gogna, take pictures, or running?
My answer: take pictures in Gogna (too much sport it is not healthy for me!)
In order to convince my husband to come with me I had to buy a beer and saying that he could wear flip flop to go where other people sweat and struggle.
Gogna is a quite popular Vicenza’s neighbourhood where I found out people go to do every kind of sport: run, walk, cycle and climb in a small rock wall.
It is really nice and it is like a green lung really closed to the city center (just 5 minutes).
After a short walk we arrived in the right place and here the short list of what my inexperienced eyes have seen and what I have understood, with respective pictures (because I went there for this reason).

Rock-climbing in Vicenza:
– It is a men world (In one hour there I have just seen 2 women)
– you can climb also if you wear thai pants (and if you have nice 6 pack)
– More dogs you have, the better (only small dogs are allowed, please!)
– Everyone know each other (so you spend half of your training talking about rock-climbing).
– If you take pictures of climbers mind your feet…because it can happen you twist your ankle (not pics of this)

P.s Francesca D. just told me I was wrong to talk about rock-climbing in Vicenza because Gogna is a place for bouldering.. my apologies for the big mistake…but my eyes are inexperienced:)

P.s Bouldering: it is the discipline of ropeless climbing on small cliffs and boulders, celebrates the joy of movement over stone, If you want to know more about this sport I check out this website

DSC_0656DSC_0664DSC_0663DSC_0665Rock-climbing in Vicenzarock-climbing in Vicenza

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