Rock climbing in Lumignano

The climber in Lumignano

The climber

Rock climbing in Lumignano…Springtime is here ,  women take off their jackets and athletes train to get better results in their personal race.
The climber, however, is stripped of his heavy jacket and his pickaxe, to be able to get a grade more than the previous year.
Today in Lumignano, there were 23 degrees , the walls were warm and rocks ready to welcome back his fellow man. There were just a few people, only silence and belvedere.
Clear the view, the right to give you the thrill of the mountain scenery, you feel that special freedom again…the freedom that leads you to fight against your limits.
Today, after almost a year I can say to be fit again. The rock and I, for a while, ‘we were a single element. Together we defied gravity: which always leaves you breathless and it always try to win. lumignano
The real problem, however, is always the return, the car always seems so far and you with little, little, little energy left. Samuele told me : “bring the chocolate with you”, but I scornfully replied him: “Samuel I don’t need sugar, i am strong” and then that friend, or better BUDDY was right, the chocolate after a morning, between ropes and carabiners, is a MUST!
Now, the next step after the rock climbing in Lumignano is to reach the goal of climbing in the mountains: Arco, near Garda lake close to Verona. It is also summer paradise of climbers and mbt. cyclists
See you next time friends, with a new adventure to the discovery Veneto’s territory … bvv


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