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Pottery and Caves around Bassano



Our region Veneto is so full of beautiful places that sometimes you are overwhelmed and you don’t know where to go…
This is what we should say for promoting our Region…but the truth is: we are so lazy that really often it seams so difficult moving from your house where you are watching the last episode of House of Cards (Omg did you see it?), call some friends and go around to explore the world closed to you…
Me and Francesca we are lucky because we have to visit Veneto because of our future business in the wonderful world of travels…and also our fortune is we live in Vicenza that is really closed to everything
So two days ago with Giulio we organized a wonderful cultural day out…
Our first destination Nove di Bassano.
Nove (Nine) is just 30 minutes from Vicenza and is really famous for its pottery.
Nove is actually a beautiful village which develops along a road full of ceramic shops and factories.
Our contact was a young and promising craftsman named Giuseppe Facchinello who has an amazing shop right in the center of the Village.
We had an interesting chat about what he is doing and we had the opportunity to see what he makes…here some pictures…to you the final judgment … we felt it was really exceptional his work!







But this was just the beginning of our trip…we got again in our car to go to Rubbio, located southeast of the Sette Comuni plateau in front of Monte Grappa and just 30 minutes from Nove di Bassano.
The road to get there is very panoramic.
From the top of the mountain your gaze is lost in front of Bassano del Grappa, Valsugana, a huge portion of the Veneto plain, from the Lessini to the Euganean Hills and the lagoon of Venice on clear days. (In a future post I want to write about the places from where you can see Venice…it seems you can see St. Mark’s bell tower from everywhere in Veneto in a clear day but I have never seen once!!)
To be honest we got lost more than once to reach the top…but it was our fortune because the view out of the normal paths was even better..

Waiting for us not really a good weather and two very interesting caves.
Toni Zarpellon, an artist born in Bassano de

l Grappa, many years ago created, thanks to his art an open-air museum, and you can reach it with a really short walk from where you live your car.
Finally a true and unexpected surprise…in this really small village you have a wide selection of restaurant where you can eat…we entered in a really posh one (you can’t imagine to find one like this in a small mountain village) and we had a really good spaghetti dish in nouvelle cuisine style.



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