Possagno. The Temple of Canova

The Temple of Canova, Possagno, Italy.

Possagno is the birthplace of Antonio Canova, one of the most famous European sculptors. A proof of his importance and the stateliness of his operas is the ‘the Canova Temple’, a church that Canova designed.
If you have already been in Rome you can see many similarities to the Rome’s Pantheon. The ‘Gipsoteca Canoviana’ is Possagnoalso noteworthy; it is a marvelous  collection of cast plaster and gesso works (Gipsoteca in greek means gesso collection) , hosted at the artist’s home.
You can get to Possagno in just one hour from Vicenza…After being in Possagno we suggest you a prosecco tasting in the close area of Valdobbiadene..Art and wine..the best combination.

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