Museums of Vicenza

Museums of Vicenza

When you were born in a city unfortunately most of the time you don’t care about what it has to offer.
So sometimes it happens that you go to the other side of the world to visit the aboriginal’s museum but maybe you have never visited the main museums of your city.
I am not shy to say that it is my case.
So last Sunday, with my friends Chiara, Giovanni and Michele I went to visit some museums of Vicenza.
I visited Teatro Olimpico (it wasn’t the first time), Temple of Santa Corona, Archeological Museum and Palazzo Leoni Montanari.
What a surprise…amazing the museums of Vicenza!

I already talked about the Olympic Theatre, I think if you come to Vicenza it is a must to visit…or better if you visit Italy you should take your time to visit this stunning theatre.

altar of Santa's Corona temple - Museums of Vicenza

Temple of Santa Corona. The altar, by Antonio Corbelli

But the true, wonderful, shocking surprise was the Temple of Santa Corona.
Built in the 13C, it contains the Holy Thorn offered by the King of France St Louis to the Bishop of Vicenza. Two masterpieces adorn this church with three naves and a Renaissance chancel: a Baptism of Christ by Giovanni Bellini and an Adoration of the Magi, by Veronese.
The altar, by Antonio Corbelli and his son Domenico is richly inlaid with mother of pearl, coral, lapislazuli and jasper, in black stone…guys you have to see it…I was almost crying!

Santa Corona Naturalistic and Archaeological Museum was nice, the naturalistic section shows the different natural environments in the Berici hills, both in the past and nowadays.

museums of Vicenza

Palazzo Leone Montanari

But another milestone of my day of my day was Palazzo Leone Montanari
I’ve never wanted to go because I thought it was just a boring museum … but how wrong I was!
There are baroque designs and statues inside and outside the building. The building itself is a great part of this experience!
It’s ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC the private collection of Russian icons. People say that probably both by size and coverage, and by the artistic quality it is one of the best collections of Russian art worldwide, and may well be the best one outside of Russia.
I am not an expert of Russian icons … but I found absolutely magnificent the lights or rather the lack of light from the ceiling which made protagonists individual icons wisely individually

Wow was such a perfect day…I have to do it again…there are many other museum to visit. With Biglietto Unico Museum Card of  15 euros you can easily access up to 8 collections…let’s go to visit the museums of Vicenza!

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