Italian wedding

Get Married means many things: love, the coronation of a dream, celebrating with your friends, eating good food, dancing, get drunk…for me it means you are getting old, your “childhood” is really over and your relatives will ask you: Are you ready for a baby?
If you are married you must be mature…
Maybe that’s why few months after our wedding my husband and I, quit our job and we went as backpackers to Australia…but this is another story.
Before you were invited to graduation parties, you just had to take half day of your life to celebrate and that was it.
italian weddingBeing a guest to an italian wedding is never easy. A wedding involves hag and stag parties (usually 2, the first  one abroad with the really best friends and the second one with everyone in the bride or groom’s city) buy expensive dresses (one different for each wedding if the guests are the same) think to some jokes to do during the wedding reception and celebrate from the morning till late night.
Last Saturday we went to Adele and Luca’s wedding, two really good friends of us.
It was really unique because in the wedding invitation wasn’t written where it would hathe groom on his vespave been the celebration nor the wedding reception.
We, all the guests, met in a car parking and the bride’s uncle gave us all the information we needed to go to the church.
The church was at Mare di Lugo, a wonderful medieval church with a stunning view of mountains, hills and the Vicenza’s valley.
It was a super hot day, but up there we could feel a little breeze.
The groom arrived on a vespa and the bride on old volkswagen maggiolino.
I don’t know if in your country is the same as in Italy, but some of the people (mostly young guys ) go outside the church ,see the bride’s entrance and then wait at some bar that the mass is over…and then when you ask: what did you think about the celebration? They answer is: I had 2 spritz and a beer and it was awesome!
guest at a wedding. My husband and IThis time wasn’t possible…because in that hill there was just the church…but I don’t know how my husband was able to stay outside and get sunburned…
I cried…it was such a beautiful ceremony, really different: with 2 cellos, 2 violins and 2 singers who played not religious songs , but songs from U2, Coldplay, Queen and others.the bride and the groom
Usually when the priest says the mass is ended go in peace.. all the guests wait out side with some rice to throw to the bride and the groom…I always think is something I don’t like, the bride’s hair get stuck with rice the all day and the broom’s suit gets dirty, without counting that kids love that moment and become really violent throwing the rice.
The bride had a really amazing dress that was made from her mother and the groom a beautiful blue suit.
I think now the grooms dress more casual and I like instead of old fashion tail-coats. This year is fashion the bow tie (we call papillon, French word) so the groom had one and also many other guests.
It was not Luca’s case but Most of grooms don’t shave anymore, now that is fancy to have the castle-italian weddinglong beard.
Second step: we went to a bar for 2/3 spritz and some chips.… it was really unusual (maybe because the guests couldn’t go during the mass and perhaps the new husband and wife felt guilty).
The wedding reception was 2 minutes walking from the bar…wow the location was sensational, the castle of Thiene (Vicenza’s Province)…There is unnecessary to say that we ate, ate and ate:from 3.30 p.m till 10 p.m
The part I love more are the appetizers.  Now after many weddings I know that I have to avoid eating to much at the beginning because then you want just to die when you see the first of 10 other main courses.
The food was superb….there was also a magician to amuse the guests…and finally we danced and we shacked our bums for more then 2 hours…
With a last tear drop from the bride, because her day was over, we left the castle because it was midnight but it was too late because our car already became a pumpkin..it heppens also this to an italian wedding :)

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