From Euganean hills to Illasi Valley: wine, strange jobs and villas

Last weekend in Italy was really long, because of the public holiday of the 2nd of June when we celebrate the Italian Republic.
We decided to avoid the traffic jam of Jesolo and Sottomarina (sea places) and visit the country side nearby Vicenza.
In four days I saw people doing jobs I have never thought about.
djFor example? In Italy there are many fairs, to celebrate Saints, spring, summer and of course food…On Sunday, after a entertaining afternoon drinking in three different Wine Celllars (there was Cantine aperte, the day when the wine cellars are open to every one who wants to know more about wine) we went to Fontana Fredda, in the Euganean Hills, for the bigoli’s fair (bigoli is a kind of pasta…really yummy).castello
Here old people and not only dance liscio, kind of old fashion dance, really popular in the 60s. Usually there is a band who pretendto play, but this time there was a dj. A really energetic woman dj…it was so weird, it was the first time I have ever seen a dj playing that kind of music.
On Monday I didn’t see many workers at work because I went to cycle in Padua…if you want to visit a ghost city go during public holidays.
But the most strange jobs I have found where in Giazza.
Ljetzan-Giazza is a small village, 40 minutes from Verona, located at the top of the Illasi valley, surrounded by a large old state forest.
On our way we stopped in Illasi. It is part of the area where the wines Valpolicella DOC is produced and from there you can see also the Soave Valley famous for its important medioeval castle and its really good Wight wine.

We were surrounded by nature and silence, cypresses, olive trees, and vineyards.
I never seen so many castles and villas like in Illasi, I think in the past there was a Villa every 2


20 minutes from Illasi and we are in Giazza.
Giazza is the place of Cimbri. (Cimbri was a population of German origin which occupied a mountain territory in the north of Italy around the XII century. who occupied some regions of the actual provinces of Trento, Vicenza and Verona). Some people still speak in Cimbro, and every Thursday they meet in the public library to teach their old and hard language.
This little village is full of things to do and we were so lucky to meet a man, who left his old and busy life around the world, to open a llama and alpaca breeding in Giazza…and with his family runs also a llama trekking in this gorgeous valley.
The more profitable job in Giazza? Selling chips in a food truck. There I had the funny feeling that tourists go there not only to enjoy the view but just to eat amazing chips of the food track you can find in the main and only curve of Giazza…trust me chips there… are amazing.
After this past long weekend I don’t know if I want to open my own travel agency or I want to become a Liscio dj, a cimbro’s teacher, owning a food track, or living in Giazza surrounded by alpaca and llama…


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