Eating out in Verona

Eating out in Verona.

eating out in VeronaIf you are looking for a romantic spot, Verona is your place. Verona is one of the most beautiful cities of Italy. No wonder that Shakespear set here Romeo and Juliet
Romans ruins, medieval places. narrow streets, elegant churches within one city.
The dining scene in Verona  is vibrant as the city.
Eating out in Verona is really easy. It is full of bars and traditional osterie (inns).
From the vegan restaurant (really fancy at the moment) to the fine dining restaurants, you will not be disappointed.
Locations are stunning, like the one in the picture. What I can suggest you is to avoid expensive restaurants in the main squares, get lost, enter in one of the hundreds osterie of the city center and trust me you will be the most happy man or woman in the world…better if you are with someone you love, because you will see, Verona is more romantic even than Paris...eating out in Verona has never been so easy.

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