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Easter in Queen Elizabeth's mood

Easter, as Christmas, is quite a strange occasion if you are Italian, but you are not Catholic.

It’s kind of weird. All your friends and relatives are busy, basically buying food, preparing food and eating – because once again it’s all about food!
So most probably you will end up having a lazy day, reading, watching movies and pampering yourself with junk food, instead of lamb ribs and roasted potatoes. But today was different.

Even tough I am not British my days depend on Queen Elizabeth’s mood, since a friend gave me this small statue of the Queen waving by solar energy.
However, in spring time the weather is pretty moody and me as well, but this morning the Queen greeted me showing great enthusiasm, so I thought it would be the perfect day for a trip in the countryside.

I headed to Euganean hills, ‘cause it’s just half an hour away and have enough beauty, nature and history. When you don’t want to plan anything, the easiest thing to do is just go there and get lost in the park, drive up and down the hills trought the blossomed cherry and almond trees and find your magic spot. An apple would be enough to call it a picnic.

Even if you had forgotten a book it shouldn’t be hard to find some poetry, just turning around. If it’s not enough there’s always Arquà Petrarca, a small town that Petrarca, one of the fathers of Italian literature, chose to find the inspiration for his poems.
A coffee under the sun, a walk in the fields, a sip of the local liquor, brodo di giuggiole, and damn, my notebook was still empty! No love sonnets, just these few lines for the blog. That Petrarca stole all the inspiring vibes, I’m sure!

Time to go back and catch up with stuffed friends, see you.

Thanks Elisa for your first post!

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