Easter in Asolo with Freya Stark

AsoloThe typical question an Italian would ask in this period is “What’s the plan for Pasquetta?” And the answer is always “nothing, because it will rain”.
Normally this is the truth, the day after Easter is without sun and flowers, instead it is usually plenty of rain and mud. But, yesterday, the sun was shining and smiles were etched in people’s faces.

I woke up not too early, jumped in the car, picked up a friend at the corner of a street and drove straight away to Asolo. Not many of you will know this small town, but it is so picturesque that is known as “one of the pearls of Veneto” and also as “The City with Hundred Horizons” because of its setting, surrounded by majestic mountains. It took Silvia, the friend I picked up, and I only 40 minutes to reach Asolo, we arrived there at 11.45, when the sun was exactly above our heads, warming us with its 20 degree …

Until we stayed in the parking everything was good – that’s what Silvia said. When we left, she started to have some physical and psychological problems while I found peace thinking about spritz, an Italian cocktail, that was waiting for me at the end of the rise.
The first hurdle, before the entrance to the village, is a steep path. It lasts 5 minutes (you can do it!) and after that only wonders await the visitor.

When you enter Asolo you will first see an hidden garden on the right, the owner was a writer, Freya Stark, mostly famous for her travel stories.
Freya lived in Asolo since she was little. Her parents were English renowed painters and they taught Freya what freedom means and how important is the respect for nature  So Freya decided to cultivate a real English garden. As her roses bloomed, new discoveries were made in the garden. This time the Roman Empire was the main character. An exciting discovery for Freya that decided to give back to light that piece of forgotten history.

IMG_6427After the visit of the English garden, Silvia and I were ready for the second part of the climb. Finally, we were in the center of Asolo! The Middle Ages began to appear, the alleys are now the protagonists of our hike.
Thirsty,we decide to have a look for the perfect bar, Asolo is the right destination for tipical italian taverns.

Pampered in the sun and the beautiful panorama, after about an hour , we decided to explore the other side of the village. It was the time of the fortress.
The fortress ,that one time was a friend part of town for the sighting of the adversaries, suddenly became enemy with its 200 steps; but with brave heart and young spirit ,we decide to freeclimb all of them .. The view from the way was our savior, this time there weren’t  hills to accompany us but mountains …those mountains that our region has. Arriving at the top, after a pause of a few minutes, we decided to enjoy the view from the highest part of the country. The fortress!

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