Concerts in Veneto: From the Arena Opera Festival to Rock Festivals in Vicenza

It’s almost summer time , this period for Italians means many things, two very important are: Feasts and live concerts.
Feast means wherever you go you know you can eat really good food for little money but the music is not always really good (see my previous post).

concerts in Veneto

Concerts in Veneto – Sherwood Festival

So if you want to listen to high-quality music I suggest you proper concerts in Veneto.
In Verona you can go to the to the Arena Opera Festival for the famous opera season. In Piazzola Sul Brenta every year at Hydrogen Festival there are the best international rock artists.  For young people are perfect the Sherwood Festival in Padua (my favorite! Every year from middle June to middle July) and in Treviso the Home Festival (in September).
The last two are really cheap and it is possible to listen to all sort of music from Raggae, to punk, passing through rock music.

Uncountable all the other concerts in Veneto.


Typical Festivals Stand

And in Vicenza? We have Rock Festivals (Feste rock).
Please don’t imagine during summer time Vicenza is a sort of Woodstock..nope, but the major Vicenza’s neighbourhoods  organize 3 or 4 days of live music,  all in different weeks. So you know for sure, for almost all sumemer you can assist to a large variety of concerts.
I remember when I was really young the first Festa rock, Spio Rock, meant the school was over. Riviera Folk Festival is about Irish music and not only and it means it’s gonna rain, Ferrock every year is getting bigger and with  interesting bands, Perarock best location..and there are many others..
I have been fished schools many years ago and now I am not that young anymore I can say the way my friends and I assist to concerts is slightly changed. Do you want some example?
– At Festa Rock you were used to spend half of your time chatting with old friends you only met once a year just in that Festa Rock…well now you see only friends of your little brother, and your eyes continue rolling around to search for some known faces
– At Sherwood Festival there is a very cosy and big Hill. When you were a teen you went there only after the concerts, to talk, drink, and things teenagers do;) , now you see the concerts from that hill because you prefer to actually watch the event and not jumping around
– Me: Let’s go to Treviso to listen to Afterhours? it is on Wednesday! My friend: Oh I would like to… but the day after I have to go to work..grrr
– You remember the first time you have seen that band it was almost 20 years ago..(True Story)
– In the past you could drink until morning with no problems, now if you drink 3 bears at 3 o’clock you are like this…


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