Alpine Huts Closing Party – 20 September 2015 - Vicenza

We love mountains and because we are in contact with some awesome Alpine huts owners, we decided to organize with them a closing party, to celebrate their activity.

The party is on 20th September 2015 in Vicenza province.
The place is really gorgeous, in Caltrano: Giro delle Malghe di Caltrano.

The concept of the party is really simple: we invite you to come to visit us at the starting point at Bar Alpino https://goo.gl/mNWI9d

stradaFrom 9 to 10:30 a.m you can pick up the ticket with whom you will have 3 food tasting and 3 drinks in 3 different Alpine Huts.
From Bar Alpino you can decide to reach the huts on foot or hiring a bike.
There are also organized bike tours with expert alpine guides (at 9 and 10:30 a.m)

The path is circular and really easy, suitable to everyone: from families to people who love walking.

So if you are eager to pass a day out, with your family or friends; tasting the best mountain products, exactly where they are produced it’s time to call us and book your place or visit the website http://festachiusuramalghe.eventbrite.it/

02 settembre 2015-retro volantino-OK

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