A fancy ape in Verona

The Guardian Travel few weeks ago chose this picture for their Instagram Page https://instagram.com/guardiantravelsnaps/

Our picture, with other 2 pics, were chosen because rapresentative of the Italian love for cars and motorcycles.

Let’s read what they have written about our photo:

“Italians do love their wheels – and manage to imbue them with a certain style. We’re not just talking Ferrari and Bugatti here. Even the humble three-wheeler manages to look classy in an Italian setting. Coming up – three sets of wheels in three Italian cities.
We love the composition of this shot taken in Verona by @between_veniceandverona – the white collar and hat of the driver seen through the rear windscreen, and the black-and-white filter, give it a Sunday morning church-run feel.”

We are sure this picture remind to many people the immagine of their grandpas, they were used to drive this ape every day even on Sunday morning to go to the Mass.


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