gypsuy market-villa Bressan

Gypsy Market and PicNic in Villa Bressan (Vi)

16 July 2016- Vicenza. Vintage Market, picnic, stretching , shiatsu and music in the beautiful location of Villa Bressan in Monticello Conte Otto (Vi). Villa Bressan is a villa I discovered recently. This is a villa for weddings but not only, in fact, thanks to a slew of events, often free, you can be so […]

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Ma(l)gari! - Festa di apertura delle Malghe di Caltrano

Ma(l)gari! 19 GIUGNO 2016 A PIEDI O IN BICI TRA LE MALGHE CON ASSAGGI DEI PRODOTTI TIPICI D’ALPEGGIO C’è voluto molto, decine di Brainstorming, riflessioni notturne, pensieri e ripensamenti… ma poi il nome era li sotto al nostro naso… La festa si terrà tra le malghe…malghe…margaritas…malghesi, malgari!! Ma no malgari, non va ancora bene…perchè non […]

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Villa dei Vescovi

Sunset Villa dei Vescovi with Dj Set

Are you in Veneto on May 20th ? Don’t loose  the opportunity to visit Villa dei Vescovi, one the most gorgeous villas of Veneto. Villa dei Vescovi is an important Renaissance villa, that was the country retreat of the Bishops of Padua. It is in Luvignano , surrounded by the Euganeas Hills, nearly 15 km […]

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cantine aperte 2016

Cantine Aperte / Open Cellars

Saturday and Sunday, May 28-29, 2016. Do you know that every last week-end of May, some of the best Wine cellars in Italy are open to the public for a visit and a wine tasting? How does it work? Easy, you have to plan the area you want to visit: in Italy there are more […]

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sunny day in Vicenza

View from the Basilica Palladiana terrace where everybody can enter for free till the 31st of January 2016. Inside the Basilica there is a wonderful temporary exhibition “Illustri” about 11 italian illustrators, famous all over the world.

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Welcome home…Stunning Veneto

On summer people go on Holiday but for me this is time to work. I am a tour leader so when people decide to rest I start working. It is the best job for travelling around the world, to know new and different people and I love it. I lead them around, I am the […]

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spriz recipe

Spritz recipe

If you have already been in Veneto, at least one time, you know that you can’t miss to drink our typical drink: spritz. Here the Spritz recipe. It can be Liscio, plain version, old style , where you mix white wine or prosecco with water or seltz, otherwise you can have it adding Campari, Aperol […]

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The Guardian Travel few weeks ago chose this picture for their Instagram Page Our picture, with other 2 pics, were chosen because rapresentative of the Italian love for cars and motorcycles. Let’s read what they have written about our photo: “Italians do love their wheels – and manage to imbue them with a certain […]

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piazzola sul brenta market

What to do in Vicenza on Sunday morning

What to do in Vicenza on Sunday morning? Switch off your mobile phone!! Let me tell you a story.. It’s Sunday morning, I want to sleep, I had a really heavy Saturday (we went to a wine tasting in the Euganean hills, I had many glasses of Moscato… but it is another story)…I dreamt about […]

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Eating out in Verona. If you are looking for a romantic spot, Verona is your place. Verona is one of the most beautiful cities of Italy. No wonder that Shakespear set here Romeo and Juliet Romans ruins, medieval places. narrow streets, elegant churches within one city. The dining scene in Verona  is vibrant as the […]

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The Temple of Canova, Possagno, Italy. Possagno is the birthplace of Antonio Canova, one of the most famous European sculptors. A proof of his importance and the stateliness of his operas is the ‘the Canova Temple’, a church that Canova designed. If you have already been in Rome you can see many similarities to the […]

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Italian wedding

Get Married means many things: love, the coronation of a dream, celebrating with your friends, eating good food, dancing, get drunk…for me it means you are getting old, your “childhood” is really over and your relatives will ask you: Are you ready for a baby? If you are married you must be mature… Maybe that’s […]

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Valletta dei Poeti. Nanto (VI)

Nanto: Valletta dei Poeti On internet you’ll find really few information about this wonderful place. Nanto is famous for its stone caves since the Roman Empire. The architecture of  the Roman Vicenza is largely the work of the stonecutters and quarrymen of Nanto. The moment of glory came in the epic Venetian Renaissance , when […]

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…Asiago is not only a really good cheese… Asiago is more: it is  a city and the largest  plateau of Italy. Asiago is about history, nature, people, memories.

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Vicenza like a compass

Yesterday I was thinking about Vicenza like a compass. Right on Vicenza is planted the compass tip and from there we can draw many circles, but not just geometric shapes…we can represent the most beautiful and imaginative paintings. Our city is just in the center of everything…Think about my last weekend: I visited Venice, Euganean […]

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cave di rubbio

Pottery and Caves around Bassano

Our region Veneto is so full of beautiful places that sometimes you are overwhelmed and you don’t know where to go… This is what we should say for promoting our Region…but the truth is: we are so lazy that really often it seams so difficult moving from your house where you are watching the last […]

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tulips-park sigurtà

Parco Sigurtà -Tulip mania

I have always been a flowers maniac, also if I have not a really green thumb, I don’t know many flowers names and I don’t have big inclination for gardening…but in each place I visit I tend to spend time in parks or gardens and my only expression in these occasions is: wow-wow!! So imagine […]

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Rock climbing in Lumignano

Rock climbing in Lumignano…Springtime is here ,  women take off their jackets and athletes train to get better results in their personal race. The climber, however, is stripped of his heavy jacket and his pickaxe, to be able to get a grade more than the previous year. Today in Lumignano, there were 23 degrees , […]

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Museums of Vicenza

Museums of Vicenza When you were born in a city unfortunately most of the time you don’t care about what it has to offer. So sometimes it happens that you go to the other side of the world to visit the aboriginal’s museum but maybe you have never visited the main museums of your city. […]

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Easter in Asolo with Freya Stark

The typical question an Italian would ask in this period is “What’s the plan for Pasquetta?” And the answer is always “nothing, because it will rain”. Normally this is the truth, the day after Easter is without sun and flowers, instead it is usually plenty of rain and mud. But, yesterday, the sun was shining […]

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queen elisabeth

Easter in Queen Elizabeth's mood

Easter, as Christmas, is quite a strange occasion if you are Italian, but you are not Catholic. It’s kind of weird. All your friends and relatives are busy, basically buying food, preparing food and eating – because once again it’s all about food! So most probably you will end up having a lazy day, reading, […]

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10 things to do in Vicenza

10 things to do in Vicenza Here the first 5… 1. First thing you can do in Vicenza. Visit the Palladian Basilica. Symbol of Vicenza included in the UNESCO’s world heritage sites. Recently renovated, houses exhibitions of worldwide fame. One example is the exhibition that will remain until 2nd of June 2015 Tutankhamon Caravaggio Van […]

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10 things to see in Vicenza

things to see in Vicenza Here the second 5… 6. Villa Valmarana ai Nani From La Rotonda you can walk to this amazing Villa. Villa Valmarana ai Nani takes its name from the statues of 17 dwarfs (nani) which decorate its garden wall. There are various explanations for these: that they record the legend of […]

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